Best time to visit Krka National Park

What is the Best time to visit Krka National Park?

Every! 🙂

Due to its position, Krka Waterfalls has a mixture of continental and Mediterranean climate – and mostly takes the best from the both. Winter is mild with an average of 10℃ and summer temperature 22℃ on average (but can reach up to 30℃ in July which is usually the hottest month). Considering your preferences, keep in mind that July & August are the peak season in Dalmatia, so a bit of a crowd is to be expected. If it happens you prefer peace and serenity, then you might want to visit Krka Waterfalls during the off season period. In this case, April – June and September – November period could turn out as a better pick. Another tip you might find useful- the boat isn’t sailing during the winter period, so you’ll have to enter the park in a bit less spectacular way.

Food in Krka National Park

When it comes to the Food at Krka National Park – you have couple of options. Whether you feel like bringing your own food and having a picnic, eating in the restaurant or in fast food Krka offers a variety of possibilities and it is all up to you. 
If coming with a boat from Skradin picnic area and the first restaurant in Krka National Park are just a few steps away from you. In the park you can find two restaurants – similar with the menu and prices, but different in the ambiance – the first one is at the lower part of the Park and is situated in deeply forested area, near the beach so it might be a better choice for hot summer days. The other one is some 200 stairs up away from you – but its position right next to the waterfalls and stone cottages makes it a must do in Krka National Park.
If you don’t like crowded places which Skradinski Waterfall becomes during high season – you can also visit Roski Slap Restaurant and enjoy a bit of peace.

Krka National Park entrance fee

You’ve decided to visit Krka National Park, you know when would you like to go, you know you won’t be hungry or thirsty there, and you’re ready to buy the tickets but new questions have just came up.
What is Krka National Park ticket price, is it possible to buy Krka National Park tickets online, or can I just buy Krka tickets upon arrival? Where are Krka National Park tickets possible to buy?
If you go by your own at Krka National Park you can book tickets online:
be sure you’re on the right web: and choose option to buy online ticket.
Tickets can also be bought upon your arrival at the entrance of the Park – either at Lozovac or Skradin.
Is the number of tickets for Krka National Park limited?  Yes, it is. In every moment in the park can be 10, 000 visitors and not more than that therefore – number of tickets is limited.

Entrance fee to Krka National Park varies accordingly to the time of the year.

Individual visitors price list 2020.

1./2./3./11./12 4./5./10. 6./7./8./9.
30 HRK 100 HRK 200 HRK

Group price list 2020.

1./2./3./11./12 4./5./10. 6./7./8./9.
20 HRK 75 HRK 150 HRK

Useful tip: if you opt to do the tour with an agency, like you’ll get the tickets from the Group Price List.<br>  *Group prices aren’t provided for individuals who come together in “a group”.

Krka National Park or Plitvice Lakes?

Probably the most common question for all visitors to Croatia. Recommendation would be to visit both, if you have enough time, of course, because the both boast its unique beauty and definitely a must see in Croatia. But considering the fact that sometimes you are forced to choose between these two, let’s list pros’ and cons’ for each.

If you are eager to swim in National Park – then the answer is Krka Waterfalls where you are allowed to swim in several different places and one of them is at the bottom of the largest and the most impressive one – Skradinski buk. On the other hand, in Plitvice Lakes National Park swimming is strictly forbidden, so if getting tempted not obeying the rules please consider paying a fine.  If it happens you are all into hiking, then Plitvice Lakes are better choice. But – when taking a day trip from Split the fact that there is 160 kilometers more from Krka National Park to Plitvice Lakes might be a trigger to your decision.

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